"I don't have money for a consultant!"

One thing I will tell you straight away is to eliminate unnecessary spend. However, spend, as with nearly anything in life, is all relative.  What if money spent at the outset ultimately saved your business?  In my first venture we hired, after much debate, a negotiator to arrange our lease with the landlord, at a cost of £3000+VAT, almost 8% of our whole budget for an entire shop fit-out.  It was a large amount for a new business and a gamble, but it paid itself back immeasurably as we got a steal on the rent for the first five years and then security to renew for another five.  It may have been the best decision we made in business and it taught me a lot about value.

One area where money will be wasted is making mistakes.  If your price point is wrong or you get trapped in a contract or agreement that doesn't add up a few months down the line, it may threaten your business.  I've made those mistakes.  I've come close to going under, but I learnt, I won't make that mistake that took me to the brink again.


I know your budget is extremely tight at any stage of starting up or expanding, but I'm confident by examining your business we can return any outlay and then some.  

Counsel Daily Rate

7 hours at £200


A 7 hour day of advice on any business subject/s, after a free initial consultation outlining what you wish to work on.

35 hours at £500


35 hours of advice, usually broken up into a week (staggered days / timings if mutually agreed), on any business subject/s, after a free initial consultation outlining what you wish to work on.

Counsel Weekly Rate

Advice For Equity

I seek to work with businesses I believe in.  The most exciting businesses and those with most potential are often the micro businesses looking to break out of the garage, or the one dreamed up on the kitchen table and now searching for a shop front.  Budgets are always tight, especially for first timers, and I know that better than most.  If, after a consultation, I believe there is a viable business and we can work together, there may be an option to waive the advisory fees in exchange for a small equity stake in your business.  Advice and assistance would be available for the duration of the stake held in the business.

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